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Why Social Media?

Social Media Helps with business networking. The internet is ever changing and to keep up is a maze of opportunities to grow your business or web site presence.

Social activities like sharing and recommendations drive sales.

  • 90% of all purchases are subject to social influence
  • 90% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know
  • 67% spend more online after seeing recommendations

Sharing and recommendation behavior is growing.

  • 75% of Facebook users have “Liked” a brand
  • 53% of Twitter users have recommended companies or products

Research has shown that the likelihood of purchase increases when people have a social connection with a brand or product.

Why “On-line”?

The platforms for Social Commerce are expanding rapidly; the audience on Facebook, is over 800 million users and soon it will cross the 1 billion mark. More than 2.5 million websites have integrated with Facebook, with 10,000 more added every day.

The Top Keys to a Powerful On-line Presence

  • Twitter
  •  Facebook
  • E-mail
  • Website        
  •  Blog
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest 

Properly deployed and utilized, these tools all together, or in some combination, will help you successfully establish, grow  and manage your brand on line

We can help you build your community for brand awareness, web site traffic and sales.

Packages, custom consultation and a la carte packages available.

Chris Johnson - Project Coordinator
760 735-8690


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Build Your “Community”

  • This online community ia a place to build and loyalty to your brand, web site and content
  • Your community is built to showcase with current information, pictures and event info and much more
  • Your commumity allow you to  interact with and engage customers and potential customers
  • When deployed correctly, your Facebook community can be a referral generator

Your business’s “feet on the ground” outreach

  • Twitter’s a quick and timely way to drive traffic to your website, Facebook page and blog.
  • Twitter allows you to keep in touch with your clientele, inform them of new developments and offers a  to link them for more detailed explanations.
  • At a minimum, a business should be Tweeting anywhere to 12 to 24 times a day (in a 12 hour period) in various streams depending on stream volumes.
  • If applicable, a business should geo-locate, have its own hashtag  and enter Twitter streams germane to it’s location and business.

Web Site
Where your company’s basic information resides

  • Critical to any business today.  It is where the details of what you offer reside all in one place. 
  • Site should be up to date, easy to navigate, informative, attractive, and the means to contact the business either by email, phone, Twitter or Facebook should be obvious.
  • Your  website should be a primary focus of driving traffic from other social media sources.  Think of it as your “home base”.

Informal and engaging information – where you get “personal”

  • A blog allows you to personalize your business with writing that interests you
  • It should be engaging and informative
  • It should be updated frequently
  • It should be linked in Twitter, featured on Facebook and/or E-mail

A way to keep in touch with existing customers

  • Email blasts should give details about upcoming events, specials, new products, and other offerings.
  • The blast should be informative and interesting – something they want to read.
  • It should help existing customers decide to go back to the store and/or website.